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Author discovers dad is not his biological father after taking DNA test

SHARE Author discovers dad is not his biological father after taking DNA test


A native of Arizona, and author of fantasy books, Randy Lindsay had dabbled in family history through the years. But it wasn’t until his dad asked him to help do genealogy research on the Lindsay family tree and took a DNA test that his life changed forever.  

Raised in a family to which he bore little resemblance, Randy was jokingly referred to as “the milkman’s son.” It wasn’t until Randy was in his 50’s that his childhood title would take on a more personal meaning. 

Randy’s dad was having dreams about deceased relatives and urging him to complete their family tree. Randy finally agreed to help with the genealogy, but after his searching led him to a dead end, he took a commercially available DNA test. The results revealed a possible genetic match to a sister, which began a familial quest that forever changed the author’s life.

With a story that was more unbelievable than some of his fantasy novels, Randy decided to write his story down.  Part memoir and part detective story, “The Milkman’s Son” reveals one man’s unknown family tree clue-by-clue, pulling back layers of new information as he gets closer to the truth. This is a story of accepting, forgiving, reuniting, and, most importantly, it’s about the bonds that connect us and the unconditional love that makes us feel like we belong.

The Library Journal praises Lindsay’s work: “Lindsay is a gifted author, and he also writes carefully about unresolved issues in his mother’s story. (An author’s note explains her situation.) Recommended for fans of family memoirs, and especially for readers with an interest in genealogy.”

From feeling stunned to feeling angry, confused and, eventually, hopeful and loved, the author is candid in his portrayal of his genealogical journey. This is a story of belonging, connecting, forgiving, reuniting, and, most importantly, loving unconditionally. “Blood doesn’t make us family,” says the author, “it’s the love we share that makes us family.”

To find out if Randy meets his biological father and extended family he never knew about, and how two families manage this jaw-dropping discovery, pick up a copy of “The Milkman’s Son” today, another marvelous publication by Shadow Mountain Publishing. 

This page-turner will keep you on edge from one chapter to the next. But fair warning: many readers are moved to take DNA tests upon finishing the book. Start reading it now by downloading the eBook wherever books are sold.

A note from the author: 

“The interest in genealogy has never been higher and every DNA test has the potential of uncovering previously unknown family connections. Even though this memoir covers my experiences in dealing with a life-altering discovery, I really wrote ‘The Milkman’s Son’ in the hope of helping others who find themselves in the same or similar situation.

“As DNA testing continues to grow, so will the need for a reference point that will help people deal with changes in their understanding of what constitutes family. ‘The Milkman’s Son’ also explores the excitement and passion of family history research.

“By including a narrative about how I made connections to past generations, it is my intention to increase the interest of the readers in doing their own genealogy. I believe my memoir promotes a work that has great importance without showing any denomination bias.”