After more than a year of being cooped up at home, many Americans are itching to hop on a plane and resume travel abroad. For many, Israel — the Holy Land, the place where Jesus walked, gave sermons and performed many miracles —  is at the top of the list. And it’s finally open to tourists. 

If Israel has always been on your list of dream vacations, now is the best time to make it happen. Aside from a pent-up desire to see the outside world, another good reason to go now is that you may not have the chance later. MarketWatch reports that one of the biggest life regrets of older Americans is that they didn’t travel enough while they could. (Don’t let that be you!)

But if you want to enhance your experience, the best way to see the Holy Land is through a guided tour from a local expert.

An authentic tour for Latter-day Saints

Daniel and Steven Rona are the owners and operators of Israel Revealed, a travel company that offers an authentic Latter-day Saint-focused Israel tour. They are the first and only group approved by the Israel Ministry of Tourism to guide Latter-day Saints in the Holy Land since the pandemic suspended tourism in 2020.

A father and son duo, Daniel and Steven are American and Israeli, and Jewish Latter-day Saints. With the help of his son, Daniel has authored six books, including the Jewish/Latter-day Saint Gospel Doctrine Supplement material manuals for Latter-day Saint Sunday school lessons. He’s also produced six TV movies about the identities, religions and cultures of the Israeli people. 

As of October 2021 (when Israel re-opened for tourism), Daniel and Steven have guided six groups throughout the Holy Land — and you could be next!

Why you’ll want to go with a guide

Israel law requires a licensed guide on every vehicle. Going with the only local, Latter-day Saint-focused guide means you get a spiritually-focused experience with special insights you won’t get anywhere else.

Thanks to his background as a radio/TV broadcaster, Daniel was able to pioneer personal headsets (complete with music) to provide a state-of-the-art experience for tour participants. You’ll be able to ask questions and catch every word as you visit each destination.

The Rona family has developed an all-inclusive, spirit-filled tour, complete with comfortable accommodations. Beyond site-seeing, Israel Revealed tours are full of scriptural, historical and cultural information. And according to past participants, they’re as entertaining as they are educational and enlightening. 

“Daniel is brilliant! His insights from scripture combined with storytelling and music made my first trip to the Holy Land one I will not forget. I highly recommend this tour,” writes one Google reviewer.

Book your Holy Land tour today

If you’ve been dreaming of taking a trip to the Holy Land, now is the time to do it. Don’t miss your chance to see the Bible stories you’ve heard since you were a child come to life. 

For most people, a trip to the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so it’s important to do it right! Book your trip with Israel Revealed, the only Latter-day Saint licensed guides in Israel, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip. 

Call 1-800-272-RONA (7662) or visit the Israel Revealed website for more information on upcoming LDS tours to Israel.