Our nation faces a severe health crisis with COVID-19 that has spread to affect all areas of American life, including the education sector. With the closure of schools throughout the nation, and Gov. Gary Herbert dismissing Utah’s schools until May 1, parents are rightly concerned about the disruption to education. E-learning is helping to fill that gap, but transitioning to remote learning presents numerous challenges for educators, many of whom are unfamiliar with the technology involved.

Fortunately, new resources are being deployed. Google recently launched a page called Teach From Home that provides information to teachers on how to teach online, make lesson plans accessible to students and collaborate with other educators. Google also provides information on options for educators and students who lack access to Wi-Fi or high connectivity. Supporting organizations can also get help from the Google.org Distance Learning Fund to reduce e-learning barriers

With so much activity from tech leaders, it’s entirely possible we’ll see a new generation of educators taking this opportunity to revolutionize the future of education and remote learning. That’s good news, both in terms of U.S. innovation and welfare of our children. 

Amber Daley