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Read with the Bees: How your child can earn prizes for reading this summer

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With school happening at home and social options limited, many parents are worried about kids choosing video games and screens instead of books. Current life has impacted school and homework routines, making it more difficult for some parents to feel confident that their children are getting enough study time.

To keep kids reading a little every day, the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge is underway. This is an excellent way to incentivize your children to read at least 20 minutes per day.

To participate, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Print the brochure and game board.
  2. Encourage your child to read every night for 20 minutes.
  3. Make sure your child colors in a baseball after they finish reading.
  4. Color in 50 baseballs.
  5. Get the Summer Reading Challenge Prize.
  6. Spend a fun night out at the ballpark with the family or your child’s friends who have participated in the challenge.

The colorful baseball board has 50 baseballs for your child to color in. Every day they read for 20 minutes, they color one baseball on the card. 

After your child tracks their progress and reaches the end of the baseball diamond, they can mail it in to get their Summer Reading Challenge Prize. They will receive a pencil, a book from Seagull Book, a coupon for a free Happy Meal from McDonalds, and tickets to a bees game in 2021. 

When the game board is complete, parents or children can report their reading at ReadToday.com.

Keeping your kids cheered-up during the crisis

Even though the pandemic has ruined a lot of fun for kids and families everywhere, this activity is a great way to help your child track their progress through their favorite books and help them discover the wonder and joy of reading.

Many families have noticed that the increased time inside and inability to participate in social activities outside has made their children feel down. This is a good opportunity to give them a structured goal and sense of pride and accomplishment when they have reached the end of the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge.