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5 reasons Spencer Cox enjoys so much grassroots support in his campaign for governor

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Photo courtesy of Cox for Governor

“Genuinely good.”

“Proven leader.”



“Gregarious and unabashedly honest.”

These are just some of the words people have used to describe Spencer Cox, Utah’s lieutenant governor, and current Republican gubernatorial candidate.

After serving alongside Gov. Gary Herbert for six and a half years, Cox is now running for governor himself with the endorsement of thousands of everyday Utahns across the state.

“Spencer Cox is different. He understands Utah and Utah will always come first,” says Cameron Stewart.

At a time when the Pew Research Center reports declining levels of trust in elected officials, Cox is proving to be a political anomaly.

In fact, it’s his trustworthiness that has led to the largest grassroots campaign in Utah history. He also has endorsements from state and local leaders across Utah, including current Governor Herbert.

Here are five reasons Cox has garnered unprecedented support from Utah voters.

Utah’s homegrown candidate

As part of the sixth generation of a farming family in rural Fairview, Cox learned honesty, responsibility, and the value of hard work at an early age. Wanting their children to benefit from the same farm-life experience, Cox and his wife Abby chose to give up a successful career at a Salt Lake City law firm and relocate back to Sanpete County.

After an unexpected call from Herbert to become the new lieutenant governor, Cox accepted on the condition that he would continue to live in Fairview.

His daily commute? Four hours, roundtrip.

“I believe that Spencer is a capable, grounded and solid individual that will be a great Governor for the State of Utah. He has my unequivocal support,” says Mark O. Leavitt.

Leading during unprecedented times

Being in a leadership position is no easy task under normal circumstances — but leading during a global pandemic is particularly difficult. Especially if your job is to head up the state’s coronavirus task force.


Image courtesy of Cox for Governor

In an interview with KSL Investigates, Cox admitted to losing sleep over the COVID-19 situation — but the lieutenant governor never lost his cool. With consistent messages of hope and encouragement, Cox and his task force helped guide Utahns through difficult weeks of uncertainty.

“He has shown he can lead this state. I admire his loyalty and his kindness. He will always put the people of Utah first,” says Linda Campbell.

Though the fight with coronavirus isn’t over, KSL reported that the nation’s top infectious disease doctor Anthony Fauci praised Utah for its comprehensive response to the crisis.

Putting people ahead of politics

When it comes to people versus politics, there’s no question where Cox’s priorities are. Shortly after the coronavirus became a global pandemic, he decided to put his campaign on hold in an effort to focus on more urgent needs. People notice these efforts.

“I’ve watched Spencer interact with powerful dignitaries and quiet widows. He has a gift for listening to Utahns in every geographic, economic and philosophical corner of the state,” says Jeanette Bennett, a small business owner.

During the red phase of the COVID-19 response, when other candidates were asking for campaign donations, he instead, encouraged people to donate to their struggling neighbors.

Talking less, serving more

Cox’s goal from the very beginning has been to run a campaign that would make Utah a better place — whether he won or lost. He pledged to visit all 248 cities and towns in the state (something no other candidate for governor had done before) and perform acts of service all along the way.

“I believe Spencer represents the values of the majority of Utah. He loves his home, understands both rural and urban Utah, and cares about the people,” says Gina McDaniel Kemp.

Cox’s campaign has helped repair old parks, lay sod at community resource centers, plant trees, and clean up local cemeteries.

Inspiring the largest grassroots campaign in Utah history

To date, the campaign has received donations from more than 2,200 individual Utahns – more than any other Utah campaign for governor in modern times.

There’s a reason why he’s had so much success with grassroots campaigning. People believe in him and the values he holds. His actions speak for themselves.

“With Spencer, what you see is what you get. He is as real as real gets,” says Don Ipson, a Utah senator.

Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller and other prominent Utah business leaders, including Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith, Cicero founder and chairman Randy Shumway and Utah Valley magazine President Jeannette Bennett, have also endorsed Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox to be the next governor of Utah.

In addition to the high-profile endorsements, the Cox campaign received more good news from a recent poll which showed more respondents said they will definitely vote for Spencer Cox, than for any other candidate running for governor. 

To become a part of the grassroots movement and offer your own statement of support, visit endorsedbyutah.com/coxforgovernor. To learn more about Spencer Cox’s campaign and vision for Utah’s future, visit votecox.com.