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Letter: We need strong leadership and cooperation to move forward

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FILE - In this Aug. 19, 1982 file photo, President Ronald Reagan greets House Speaker Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. of Mass. in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

Ira Schwarz, Associated Press

Currently we have civil and racial unrest, polarized political persuasions, a worldwide pandemic, business and personal financial concerns, educational disruptions and major restrictions in all levels of our daily lives. There is also deep concern of the growing intentions of a few of the world’s superpowers.

Soon a new president and the 117th Congress will attempt to resolve these concerns hopefully with a clear vision and bipartisan support. The order of importance seems insignificant as all of the above rise to the level of a five-alarm conflagration. It will take a strong president with convincing programs and persuasive means to address these issues. Congress will then need to pass new legislation in assisting to resolve many of these grave dilemmas.

This will take a recently unheard of approach that has not been seen for over these past few decades. If we go back to Sen. Tip O’Neill and President Ronald Regan we can learn that we can disagree and still be civil in our approach to providing the best possible government for all Americans to live and prosper during difficult times.

Time, patience, understanding, cooperation and a bit of luck will be needed. We should then have a resolute means for all to have “America at its Best” prevail.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island