Could your AirPods become a new health device? Apple is looking into it, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  • Apple is looking into ways to make the AirPods a health device, especially surrounding auditory issues.
  • Per WSJ, Apple is studying how to make AirPods helpful for “enhancing hearing, reading body temperature and monitoring posture.”

The move would be another way for Apple to make its tech devices — like the iPhone and Apple Watch — good for your health, too.

  • For example, we already know Apple’s iPhone has a number of health functions, like the fitness tracker and its health app.
  • With the new iOS 15, iPhone users can even share some of their health data with doctors, according to The Verge. Doctors could see data about heart rates and time spent exercising, both of which are aspects doctors want to see.
  • More recently, Apple is working to make it so that the iPhone can detect depression, cognitive decline and anxiety, among other mental health issues, according to, a news and rumors site for Apple products.