Burger King has teamed with Robinhood to help boost its loyalty members, who can secure cryptocurrency along the way.

How to get cryptocurrency from Burger King

Burger King’s Royal Perks members who make a $5 purchase through the BK app, BK.com or in a Burger King restaurant will receive an email with a prize code from Robinhood.

Burger King will then giveaway multiple cryptocurency rewards, including:

  • Twenty bitcoin (which is worth about $61,000 per bitcoin).
  • Two hundred ethereum (about $4,300 per coin).
  • Two million Dogecoin ($0.27).

Per Marketing Dive, Burger King’s giveaway is a method “to drive adoption of its app and Royal Perks loyalty program, which it expanded nationwide in September.”

What is WhopperCoin?

This isn’t Burger King’s first connection with cryptocurrency. The Russian branch of Burger King launched the WhopperCoin cryptocurrency in summer 2017, according to Fortune.

  • Customers received one Whoppercoin crypto token for each Whopper burger they bought, according to New York Magazine and local Russian news reports.