Paul Rudd — the newly deemed sexiest man in the world — was once pretty intimidated by fellow Marvel star Chris Hemsworth.

Rudd told People magazine recently that he spent a lot of time training for the 2019 film, “Avengers: Endgame,” hoping to build up his body for the climactic superhero flick in which the Avengers seek to defeat Thanos.

  • However, he said he noticed Hemsworth’s ripped and jacked body on set, which made him question all the work he had done.
  • “I remember on the set of ‘Endgame,’ I was working out so hard, eating perfect, for so long, training like an athlete,” Rudd told People magazine. “And I stood next to Chris Hemsworth, and I thought, ‘What’s the point?’ Why even try, ’cause there’s that.”

Interestingly, Hemsworth’s character Thor ends up becoming overweight in “Avengers: Endgame” as he coped with the death of his family, friends and loved ones by the hands of Thanos, according to Insider.

That storyline about Thor’s body became problematic for many critics. In the movie, the Avengers often poke fun at Thor’s weight. It’s a punchline peppered throughout the film. Critics took exception with the fact that Thor was fat-shamed.

  • “The jokes made at the expense of the fat person were lazy stereotypes and cheap laughs that really weren’t necessary and while you might sit there and think they’re funny punchlines, others are sitting around you feeling like they’ve been punched in the gut,” according to The Guardian.