On Tuesday, a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, a legendary artist known for capturing raw emotions in paintings, was sold for nearly $35 million at Sotheby’s auction, the company announced.

The painting, “Diego y Yo,” or Diego and I, features the late Kahlo with a miniature portrait of her husband, and Mexican artist Diego Rivera, on her forehead.

Eduardo F. Costantini, a “renowned collector with a longstanding commitment to supporting Latin American art and artists,” now owns the painting, according to the auction house.

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According to Artnet, the stage was set for Kahlo to beat the record of the highest-priced female artist set at the auction by Georgia O’Keeffe. “Diego y Yo” came in shy of O’Keeffe’s $44.4 million record.

The painting shattered a different record, that of the most expensive work of Latin art ever sold at an auction — triple the previous record of $9.8 million, paid for a painting by Diego Rivera himself, in turn, breaking her husband’s record, per the news source.

This “final, fully realized ‘bust’ self-portrait” from 1949 was completed before Kahlo’s death in 1954, according to the auction house.

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“Her loose hair (usually tightly laced in braids) almost seems to strangle her; she has flushed cheeks, and an intense, tearful gaze,” said Sotheby’s

Adding that this art piece “is a quintessential example of Frida Kahlo’s singular approach to portraiture.”