Papa Johns is finally giving the people what they want — A “New York-style pizza.”

Starting Dec. 27, the pizza chain is rolling out this new pizza that features “eight oversized foldable slices with just the right balance of crust and toppings,” according to CNN.

  • The New York pizza, cooked in gas ovens, has a sooty base while the top is covered with cheese and sauce. As for the dough, it is the perfect amount of springy and crunchy, per Eater.
  • “For many, N.Y. Style pizza is a classic that reigns supreme, so we are excited to offer consumers this foldable crust favorite made with our fresh, never frozen dough,” said Scott Rodriguez, Papa Johns Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Innovation, in a statement.
  • The pizza costs $13 for a one-topping pie and is available for purchase until March 13.

Per CNN, the company has also been busy changing its look. Last money, they ditched the apostrophe in the name and revealed a new long, all in efforts to distance the company from its controversial founder and former CEO John Schnatter.

  • The company is also changing its colors, inspired by the ingredients the company uses, such as basil, tomato and dough.

The report adds that Papa Johns stock has been up more than 50% for the year, dodging the hit from the pandemic.