Note: The Deseret News all-state teams are based on coaches votes from a list of nominated players from each team.

3A Player of the Year

Kinslee Drake, Union, OH, Sr.

Led Union to a third straight state championship as she finished with 343 kills, 23 blocks, 253 digs.

Deseret News All-State

Volleyball archives

The Deseret News has 30-plus years of volleyball all-state teams archived at dating back to 1988.

3A First Team

Alex Trussell, Morgan, MB, Sr. — 406 kills, 69 aces, 62 block assists, 186 digs.

Kenisten Weaver, Union, S, Sr. — 38 kills, 542 assists, 24 aces, 28 blocks.

Madisyn Childs, Emery, MB/OH, Sr. — 256 kills, 169 blocks, 249 digs.

Devree Gines, South Summit, S, So. — Averaged 18 assists, 4 blocks, 6 kills .

Nicole Willardson, Richfield, OH, Jr. — 475 kills, 228 digs.

Alyvia Jaffa, Morgan, MB, So. — 377 kills, 41 aces, 89 block assists.

Jada Bailey, North Sanpete, L, Sr. — 7 digs per set, 2.1 passing average.

3A Second Team

Millie Stevens, Union, M, Sr. — 182 kills, 18 aces, 42 blocks, 50 digs.

Grace Thomsen, Union, OH, Jr. — 239 kills, 63 aces, 21 blocks, 121 digs.

Rees Bockwoldt, Ogden, OH, Jr. — 453 kills, 268 digs, 27 aces.

Elizabeth Mataele, Juan Diego, MB/OH, Sr. — 430 kills, 55 aces, 229 digs, 27 assists.

Whitnee Birchell, Union, L, Sr. — 300 digs, 24 aces, 1.87% passing.

Tailey Worthen, South Summit, L, Sr. — Averaged 12 digs per game.

Lyndee Mower, Carbon, OH, Sr. — 491 digs, 68 aces, 223 kills.

3A Third Team

Paige Shumway, Grand, L/S, Sr.

Tambrie Tuttle, Emery, MB/OH, Sr.

Mekai Laupapa, North Sanpete, RS, Sr.

TimberLee Peterson, Morgan, S, Jr.

Baylee Jacobson, Emery, S, Sr.

Mallory Smith, Union, M, So.

Olivia Blackford, Ogden, L, Jr.

3A Honorable Mention

Parker Labrum, Union, DS, Sr.

Sydney Knutson, Richfield, S, Sr.

Rachel Anderson, Morgan, Libero, Jr.

Adrienne Shelley, Manti, RS, Sr.

Madison Orth, Carbon, OH, So.

Soledad VanOrden, Ogden, OH, Jr.

Keelie Bunker, Delta, Libero, Sr.

Brooke Flygare, South Summit, MB, Sr.

Klowie Pike, Judge Memorial, S, Jr.

Tennille Gonder, Delta, OPP, So.