This year’s open enrollment for individual and family plans started Nov. 1 and ends Jan. 15, 2022. Whether you’re still working on selecting a health plan or have already enrolled, you might have questions about what happens next. Here are three questions that are commonly asked by members.

When will I receive my member ID card?

You should expect to receive your ID card and other member materials within a few weeks after open enrollment ends. However, you may not need to wait for your paper ID card to arrive. Many insurers provide online member portals and mobile apps so that you can easily access your materials, such as your ID card. 

Insurer Tip: Be sure to review the information on your ID card for accuracy, such as your name and selected health plan, and contact your insurer immediately if the information is incorrect.

How do I see my health plan information? 

You can either call your insurer’s member services team or view your information online. Many insurers, like SelectHealth, allow members to access their plan information through a secure online portal.

Examples of what you may find in your member account are your benefits and claims, downloadable copies of your ID card, and participating providers. You may even be able to talk to your insurer through online chat, email, or request a call from member services.

Insurer Tip: Understanding your health plan—even if you’re with the same insurer—is essential to using your benefits wisely. Take time to review your health plan and the navigation features of your member account. Learn where to find key information such as your deductible amount and plan details, doctor and facility search, and cost estimator tools.  

How can I make a payment?

You’ll pay a monthly premium for your health plan and also be responsible for copayments and coinsurance that are outlined by the plan. These amounts will differ depending on the plan you select. The one factor that doesn’t change is that you’ll need to be tracking these expenses and paying the associated amounts at the right time.

Many insurers will provide you with various ways to make your premium payments such as online, by phone, in person, and even autopay.

Insurer Tip: Making payments as needed ensures you don’t get behind on medical bills and keeps your health plan active. Learning about your health plan will tell you the amounts you’ll need to pay and when. Knowing how to pay it is just as vital. Explore the payment options available through your insurer.

Your insurer is there to help you navigate the healthcare system. If you have questions about your health plan, reach out to your insurer’s member services team for guidance and help. Most often, your insurer’s contact information can be found on your member ID card and on their website.

Get your questions answered early, so you can maximize your benefits.