Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday had a suggestion for Hollywood in one of her recent pieces — don’t ignore family movies.

Hornaday spent the bulk of her review talking about David Oyelowo’s “The Water Man,” a film that touches on elements of family, she said.

The film “deals with real-world pain and grief by way of adventure and fantasy,” she said. But, more important, “the PG-rated drama occupies what has threatened to become an extinct species within cinematic ecology: an entertaining family film with nary a spandex unitard or Pixar logo in sight.”

So much of Hollywood has turned its attention to superhero movies and blockbuster flicks that try to teach morality lessons in a PG-13 or R-rated environment. But this film, she said, is a throwback family film that’s rated PG and still teaches those lessons.

Hornaday explains that so many critics see the term “family” to mean “for kids.” But really family films do much more than that. They can teach you lessons about how to deal with modern problems within the context of family values.

“And they are primed to make a comeback, especially after a year of families being cooped up at home and looking for visual stories to enjoy together,” she wrote.

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