The latest episode of “Star Wars: Bad Batch” had total “Mandalorian” vibes.

The fifth episode of the series — called “Rampage” — starts with the Bad Batch group seeking out an old Jedi informant named Cid, who they hope can give them information about the bounty hunter who chased them last week (who we know to be a young Fennec Shand).

This takes the Bad Batch to Ord Mantell, the same planet where Han Solo would later run into a bounty hunter before “The Empire Strikes Back.”

It’s a smaller episode that doesn’t tie too much into the larger plot. But there are some fun revelations that show how connected the “Star Wars” universe can be. And, at the end of the day, the episode is similar to “The Mandalorian,” making it feel a lot more fun and familiar.

How ‘Bad Batch’ became ‘The Mandalorian’

More than any other episode, “Rampage” reminded me of “The Mandalorian.” Our group of Bad Batch heroes quiz Cid about information on the bounty hunter who chased them last week. In exchange, they need to complete a job for them — a mercenary mission where they’ll receive payment and information. This is the same plot line for most episodes of “The Mandalorian.”

What makes ‘The Bad Batch’ so different from other ‘Star Wars’ shows

It’s not surprising that there would be some blending of “The Mandalorian” and “Bad Batch.” Dave Filoni, who is a producer and director for “Mandalorian,” is the showrunner for “Bad Batch,” so you’d expect there to be some overlap between the two. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of these episodes since the Bad Batch soldiers, like the Mandalorian character, are mercenaries trying to make their way through the galaxy. There’s a chance — and this is totally speculation — some of these “missions” were pitched for “The Mandalorian” but used for “Bad Batch.” I could totally see that being the case.

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Anyway, it’s fun to see this kind of episode because it feels familiar. Sure, we’ve been here before. But it’s nice for an episode of “Bad Batch” to have a clear goal in mind that the characters work toward.

There’s a fun ‘Star Wars’ twist and connection here

Interestingly, there’s someone who is speaking to Cid in this episode who wants to find Muchi again, and we don’t learn their identity until later in the episode. The person — who is speaking Huttese, the language of Jabba the Hutt — is not made visible in the episode until the end. We’re only allowed to see the person’s lips, which is a sign that the character is purposefully being hidden from us for the moment.

The revelation of the character — and Muchi — is so fun. Yet again, the series ties “Star Wars” together in a way you don’t expect. So keep an eye on that story.

New criminals of the Republic?

The Bad Batch fights a group of guards to find Muchi. The group’s leader said his people don’t work for the Republic anymore — a sign that they may be their own renegade group or working with a crime syndicate. We know from “Star Wars: Rebels” that Darth Maul started his own crime syndicate network in the years after the Empire began. So that could be the route they take here.

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