The “Black Widow” cast recently remarked about the opening credits for the new Marvel movie.

I recently attended a virtual press conference for “Black Widow,” which included much of the cast and crew of the new film. At the press conference, the “Black Widow” spoke about the opening credits to the film.

Kevin Feige said the opening credits were a rare version of MCU opening credits.

“It was tremendous and it ended up being one of our rare, sort of pre-opening title sequences that really helped set the tone and the backstory for Natasha’s character,” he said.

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Feige said the point of the opening credits was “needed to set the stage for ... what these women had gone through.”

I won’t reveal what happens in the opening credits — yes, I’ve seen the film — but the cast did say that the opening credits reference children.

In fact, Feige said the opening credits has “crying children ... screaming, crying children.”

“And this idea came about and it was later in production or even into digital photography, right to showcase that moment they have pulled apart,” he said, hinting at what’s to come.

“Black Widow” opens in theaters and debuts on Disney+ through Premier Access on July 9.