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‘The Bad Batch’ revealed so much about Omega, and might have hinted at her future

The latest episode of ‘The Bad Batch’ gave us a look at Omega — a new look we didn’t expect

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The latest episode of ‘The Bad Batch’ gave us a look at Omega — a new look we didn’t expect.

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For awhile now, we’ve heard about the importance of the character Omega on “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” We’ve known she’s a clone that’s sought out by the Empire, the cloners on Camino and, it seems, bounty hunters.

And now we know why — she’s basically Boba Fett. And she could be much more than that.

The recent “The Bad Batch” episode sacrificed a bit of action for the sake of storytelling. Don’t get me wrong. There was some action as the bounty hunter Fennec Shand tried to find Omega, who had been captured by another bounty hunter, Cad Bane. And we saw the Bad Batch soldiers try to find Omega, too.

But there were little sprinkles of information dropped throughout the episode that might be worth keeping an eye on as we move forward.

I want to focus this review on two major aspects of this episode — what it means that Omega is Boba Fett, and what it means that Omega’s future was brought up, too.

Omega is basically Boba Fett

That’s one of the biggest takeaways from this episode. Tech, one of the Bad Batch soldiers, reveals to the group that Omega, a clone, has nearly the same DNA as Jango Fett, who all of the clones are based on. Most clones have second-generation DNA — a combination of the Jango DNA with slight alterations. But Omega has first-generation DNA — almost the exact same as Jango Fett.

And then, Tech soon explains there’s only one other person who has that first-generation DNA — Boba Fett.

That’s right. So Omega is basically another version of Boba Fett. That means she’ll have the same strengths, skills and stamina as Boba. It’s quite a revelation for the “Star Wars” universe. We’ve known for a long time — since the release of “Attack of the Clones,” really — that Boba Fett was the only nonaltered clone, made specifically for Jango Fett. Now, we have another clone of the same nature in Omega.

Is Omega Fett ... Snoke?

There’s another scene in this episode that makes me wonder about the future of Omega. We know that she is basically another version of Boba Fett, which suggests she might have a long-lasting future in the “Star Wars” universe.

But there’s a scene where Fennec Shand approaches Omega and asks her if she knows what they’re going to do to her. She turns to her right and sees a green tank filled with an alien-looking creature. It was hard to make out what is in the tank. The simple glimpse at the tank reminded me of the villain from the sequel trilogy — Snoke.

Snoke, as we know, is something of a clone that Palpatine created as a backup plan for everything that happened to him. Snoke was basically used as a puppet for Palpatine. We don’t know much about his creation. There’s a good chance that Omega, somehow, leads to the creation of Snoke — if that tank really has Snoke inside of it.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen passing references to clones and Snoke. In “The Mandalorian,” there was a scene where the Mandalorian and crew went to an Empire facility and saw what looked like a Snoke clone in a tank of water. Could this be a similar situation? Could we be looking at another version of that scene?

It’s a far-fetched theory. But it does raise the question. And that’s one of my favorite parts of this recent “Bad Batch” episode — it’s giving us a little bit of information so we can speculate about the future of a new character. It’s building out the “Star Wars” universe even more, and that’s what matters most as the franchise moves forward.