The “Loki” season finale has come and gone, and now we’re waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens next to the multiverse.

But before we move on, let’s take a look back on the entire season to see who might have been the top stars of the show. Clearly there were a lot of top characters in “Loki” who made an impact. So let’s dive into the season to pick out who won the show and who we will remember moving forward.

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  • MVP — Who owned the season?
  • Sidekick — Who popped on the screen aside from the main star?
  • Hot streak — Who made a quick but important appearance?
  • Best duo — Which duo won the day?
  • Agent of the season — Which TVA agent won the season?
  • Best location— Was there a cool spot in the season?
  • Best fight — The best battle scene of the season.
  • Most memorable moment — What moment will we never forget?
  • Moment you wish hadn’t happened — What was a cringe-worthy moment?
  • Best episode — Simple.
  • Best villain — Simple.

MVP — Sylvie

Sylvie did more than any other character in this show. Yes, the show was always about Loki and his journey toward becoming enlightened and an honorable person. But Sylvie drove most of the story. She was the one who wanted to bring down the Time Variance Authority and end the Scared Timeline. She wanted to create free will. And she got all of that done. So there’s no question she’s the MVP. Plus, she created plenty of multiverse timelines for us to follow in the future. So that’s cool.

Sidekick — Loki

I thought Loki might have a better second half of the season. But he actually had less of a role in shaping the direction of “Loki.” Instead, he appeared to react with whatever happened to him. And Loki seemed to be focused on his romance with Sylvie, rather than building his own plane. Compared to the 2012 version of Loki seen in “The Avengers,” this version of Loki was soft and too kind to make inroads on the show.

Hot streak — He Who Remains

He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) appears in only the last episode of the season. He owns the entire episode, explaining his history, the TVA and the Time Keepers all in one go. We didn’t see him at any other point in the series and yet he has one of the most memorable roles in the show. This award may have gone to Old Loki, Kid Loki or Alligator Loki from the penultimate episode. But it’s hard not to point He Who Remains as the character who had the most impact in a little amount of time.

Best duo — Loki and Sylvie

In a lot of ways, “Loki” became a show about Loki and Sylvie. The two of them dominated the show with their journey to stop the TVA. It would have been exciting to see more Mobius and Loki team-ups. But “Loki” developed into a show about these two variants of Loki trying to bring down the TVA. They deserve this award.

Agent of the season — Mobius

Mobius has been one of the key characters throughout the show. He introduced us to the TVA and its concepts. He told us how everything works. And he offered a human element to a show focused on time travel and timelines. I don’t know what the future of Mobius is in the MCU, but he would surely be welcomed back as one of the top agents of the universe.

Best location — End of time

Episode 5 brought Loki, Sylvie and Mobius to the end of the time, a location where all the variants are sent when they’re pruned by the TVA. This was one of the coolest spots in the show’s history because it had Easter eggs to never-been-told-before stories of Marvel — making it one of the best locations we’ve seen to date.

Best fight — Loki and Sylvie vs. Alioth

Speaking of Episode 5, the battle between Alioth and the Loki variants remains as the top-tier fight. What an exciting penultimate episode fight for the show. Alioth was a space monster with superior strength and power — and seemingly had enough power to defeat it. The fact that Loki, Sylvie and Old Loki could work together to stop the monster is a huge win for them and a great moment for the show.

Most memorable moment — Alioth’s defeat

Again, the Alioth battle remains the best and most memorable moment of the show. There are plenty of memorable moments throughout the series, including the reveal of Sylvie, the one-shot battle in Lamentis and more. But that battle with Alioth was so visually pleasing and exciting with high stakes that it’s hard not to honor it with the best moment award.

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Moment you wish hadn’t happened — Sylvie turning on Loki

I didn’t love how this finale moment played out with Loki and Sylvie turning on each other. It made sense since — as Loki put it — Loki can’t be trusted and Sylvie can’t trust anyone. But it felt as though it ruined all the hype around their relationship. And then, on top of that, they kissed for a moment. It was a really awkward way for them to end their relationship and I wish it had happened differently.

Best episode — ‘The Variant’

I’ll still stick to this — the second episode of the series is still the best episode of the show. We see Agent Mobius at his best. We see Loki searching for the Loki variant who has been killing other TVA members. It’s a brilliant episode with an epic conclusion. It was the episode that hooked me into the show, and it deserves the top award.

Best villain — Judge Renslayer

He Who Remains and Alioth deserve honorable mentions here. But it’s no question that Judge Renslayer dominated all season as a top villain. She commanded the screen each time she showed up, and she always had a plan for what to do next. We have no idea where she’ll show up in the future. But her impact on this show won’t be forgotten.