Warning: This article contains spoilers for “Loki” finale.

The “Loki” finale has come and gone, but we recently got a teaser for what might come next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — a fourth Time Keeper.

What are the Time Keepers?

Time Keepers were the fake leaders of the Time Variance Authority, who were believed to be the leaders and protectors of the Sacred Timeline. Later in the show, we learned that the three Time Keepers were fake statues that did not control anything.

Is there a fourth Time Keeper?

There might be one. In the season finale — titled “For All Time. Always” — Loki and Sylvie see that there is the fourth statue of a Time Keeper.

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And Kasra Farahani, the production designer for Disney+’s “Loki,” recently told Vanity Fair that there might be a fourth Time Keeper.

  • “I can’t say anything about it, unfortunately, but the answers will be forthcoming,” Farahani said, according to CBR.com.

Farahani told Vanity Fair that the Citadel at the End of Time was meant to be broken.

  • “I pitched this idea that he’d retreated to the office at the time. The atrium, (where) you see the 13-foot-tall Sentinels of Time statues and the hall with the giant timepiece and the Timekeeper statues … there would be a sense that he had retreated from these places and they’re in disrepair,” Farahani said.