Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for “Loki” Episode 5 — “Journey into Mystery.”

The fifth episode of “Loki” took us places we didn’t even know existed, including a world where all the Variants from all the timelines are thrown away and discarded. And, because Marvel is the GOAT when it comes to this stuff, we were treated to a number of Easter eggs.

‘Loki’ Episode 5, explained

The latest episode of “Loki” began with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) waking up in the middle of nowhere before he is approached by Old Loki, Kid Loki, a Loki with a hammer and an alligator Loki. These Lokis reveal themselves to be Loki Variants who were discovered by the Time Variance Authority and then thrown away and discarded.

Naturally, Loki tries to organize the other Lokis to help him escape this end-of-time planet. Throughout the episode, Loki travels to the Lokis’ hideout, where we find a number of Easter eggs and Marvel references.

‘Loki’ Episode 5 easter eggs

Here’s a breakdown of the Easter eggs we spotted throughout the fifth episode.

Variant Thor/Frog Thor — Yes, there’s a Thor Variant in this episode. Per Games Radar, you can spot a giant hammer (Mjolnir) in the dirt at around 9:10 in the episode. Nearby, there’s a frog in a jar. That frog is Throg — or Frog Thor — who appeared in the Marvel comic books for quite some time. Hey, if there’s an Alligator Loki, there’s definitely a Frog Thor.

Thanos Helicopter — True Marvel comic book fans know all about the Thanos Copter. You’ll see this around the same time as the Throg reference. There’s a helicopter laid out in the ground with the word “Thanos” written on the side (it appeared on the right side of the screen for me). That’s a reference to the Marvel comic book moment where Thanos rode a helicopter in the “Spidey Super Stories #39” comic book issue. Yes, ridiculous. But true.

Living Tribunal — You can spot a three-headed sculpture on the ground in the episode. That’s a likely reference to the Living Tribunal, a powerful group in the Marvel comic books who act as judges for all matters dealing with the cosmic forces of space.

Yellow Jacket’s helmet — Fans also discovered Yellow Jacket’s helmet in this episode. Yellow Jacket is the villain Darren Cross in the Marvel comics, who often acted as a rival to Ant-Man. We saw a version of Yellow Jacket in the “Ant-Man” movie, though the helmet was noticeably different.

Ronan’s ship — Remember Ronan? The villain from the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie? Well, we see his ship in this episode. You can see his destroyed ship lingering in the background at one point. Clearly, in some timeline, his ship was destroyed and sent here.

Kang the Conquerer reference — This one isn’t as blunt as the others. But fans noticed that the latest episode teased Kang the Conquerer, a Marvel villain who we have not seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kang has been known to wear a green cloak with purple armor, and he has a blue face. Well, those same colors were spotted at the end of the episode. Could this be a hint that Kang is coming to the MCU?