Microsoft Teams will soon add a pair of features that will improve the experience for users and stop unwanted messages from appearing.

Microsoft Teams to add unmuting feature

Per Windows Central, Microsoft Teams will add a new option that will allow people to temporarily unmute themselves.

  • All you have to do is hit CTRL and the spacebar to unmute yourself. Once you move your fingers, your microphone will be muted again, according to
  • Right now, Microsoft Teams allows you to mute and unmute yourself by pressing a button within the app. You can also hit CTRL+SHIFT+M to unmute or mute yourself. The new CTRL + Spacebar feature would allow you to temporarily speak before going back into mute mode.

The feature is expected to be added in October 2021. Of course, details could change, according to Windows Central.

Microsoft to allow deleted messages

ZDNET reports that Microsoft Teams will add a new feature that allows chat supervisors to delete messages. The feature would allow supervisors “to delete inappropriate, off-topic, or other messages in a Teams chat,” the company said in a presentation, according to ZDNET.

  • This raises questions about whether chats will have the full record and conversations, or if unfaithful users will delete messages from that record.