There’s another Dogecoin cryptocurrency knockoff to keep an eye on — Nano Dogecoin.

Nano Dogecoin — listed as “INDC” on cryptocurrency platforms — reportedly spiked by 9,000% in value on Tuesday, a significant rise in the cryptocurrency market, according to Benzinga.

In fact, the Nano Dogecoin said in a tweet that it had become the No. 1 gainer in cryptocurrency value on Coin Market Cap earlier this week.

The gain comes as Dogecoin knockoff tokens have found success, even as the main Dogecoin crypto token has not succeeded in recent weeks, according to Benzinga.

And Nano Dogecoin — which is available on the Binance app for purchase — is looking to take the throne from Dogecoin.

  • “Nano Dogecoin is a Binance Smart Chain-based meme coin that brands itself as the heir to Dogecoin’s canine crown,” according to Coin Journal.
  • “The coin also employs a familiar meme coin trope in claiming to make donations to animal shelters and other dog-related charities,” per Coin Journal. “This approach has been highly successful in pulling in investors, as it combines profit-making with making the world a better place.”