Disney+ decided to drop a little “Star Wars” surprise this week, releasing the new series “Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds.”

  • The series includes sonic and visual poems that celebrate the work of Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm. Each episode has a different theme, highlighting a different aspect of editing and sound compared to other episodes.
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So, yeah. It’s basically a mix of “Star Wars” clips without any dialogue or score behind it. So you’re just hearing the little tinkers, the lightsabers and the blaster shots without anything else.

  • The series has seven episodes in total, which span the entire Skywalker Saga. Each episode is anywhere between seven to eight minutes long.

It’s an interesting experience to watch these episodes. If you’re looking for some background noise during your workday, it’s not a bad shout. The sounds can be soothing enough to make your day a little more “Star Wars” filled.

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The series came the same day Disney+ announced the official release date for the upcoming “Star Wars” series “The Book of Boba Fett.” That series will launch on Wednesday, Dec. 29.

  • Meanwhile, Disney+ is gearing up for the release of  “Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales,” a new “Star Wars” Lego movie in which Poe and BB-8 land on Mustafar and travel to Darth Vader’s old castle, where they hear scary stories of Sith legend.