Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson called the criminal charges ‘serious,’ but said there is no reason to believe clerk’s actions affected the outcome of the election.
A week and a day after the election, majority finally called for the GOP
Joe Lombardo and Gov. Steve Sisolak are facing off in the Nevada gubernatorial election.
The incumbent Democrat was declared the victor Friday night. Democrats need one more seat to control the Senate.
Democrat Jared Polis has been re-elected for Governor of Colorado.
Big names in the Democratic and Republican parties lost their races this week
Results are premature, but so far, races are neck-and-neck.
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Trump-backed Donald Bolduc faces off against vocal Trump opponent Maggie Hassan in the New Hampshire senate election. Here’s a brief overview of the candidates.
The Trump-backed Republican has a storied political past including being a former White House Press Secretary and running a presidential campaign for her father.
Currently in his 10th term as a Congressman, Tim Ryan is the Democratic nominee for the Ohio Senate seat.
Four candidates are running in the Texas gubernatorial election. Here is an overview of the candidates
In the Idaho governor race, five candidates are running: Republican Brad Little (R), Democrat Stephen Heidt, Ammon Bundy (I), Paul Sand (L) and Chantyrose Davidson (C). Here is a brief overview of the candidates.
Florida denied entry to DOJ poll watchers in three counties
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