Surprisingly, the top baby names in Utah County aren’t full of extra Hs and Gs. Instead, they’re pretty common names you’d expect in 2022.

Utah Valley Pediatrics recently released its full list of the top 50 baby names for boys and girls in Utah County for 2021.

Girls: The top five names for baby girls include:

  1. Olivia.
  2. Emma.
  3. Lucy.
  4. Amelia.
  5. Hazel.

Boys: The top five names for baby boys include:

  1. James.
  2. Jack.
  3. Oliver.
  4. William.
  5. Hudson.

What they’re saying: “For many new parents, the process of choosing a baby name has more twists, turns, and dramas than wedding planning, according to the Utah Valley Pediatrics website. “And once you settle on the perfect, unique name for baby, everyone has an opinion to share. While there are many things to consider, checking out the most popular baby names is a great first step to help you rule out ideas that might soon be too common.”

Flashback: In 2020, I wrote about the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular baby names in Utah. Most of the names were pretty traditional compared to other states.

  • Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, Lucy and Evelyn topped the list for girls.
  • Oliver, Liam, William, Henry and Jack topped the list for boys.