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This was Utah’s top garden trend for 2021

What are the most-searched garden trends?

Volunteers from the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah.
Volunteers from the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah and the League of Women Voters plant daffodils at Ogden Botanical Gardens during an event honoring the 429 Utahns who lost their lives to gun violence in 2020 on Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021.
Shafkat Anowar, Deseret News

It looks like Utah wants to make improvements to its fence gardens.

The news: Gardening company Breck’s released the top-searched gardening trends across the U.S. from the last 12 months.

National trends: Food gardens topped the list for all garden trends for the year, ranking as the most-search terms in 10 different states.

  • Fence gardens, tropical plants and balcony gardens were also among the most popular.
  • “The findings are clear — food gardens, fence gardens and tropical plants dominate the map,” the Breck’s report said.

Utah’s garden trends: Fence gardens ranked as Utah’s top-search gardening trend for the last 12 months.

  • Food gardens were the overall most popular trend for gardens in Utah, along with much of the West, according to the report

Community gardens: All 16 of Salt Lake City’s active community gardens remained open this year even though there has been immense drought, the Deseret News’ Makenzie Sisson wrote. The community gardens relied on innovative usage and community service to keep people coming back to those gardens so they could stay open.