Harmon Brothers — the Utah-based agency behind the viral Squatty Potty ads — recently released a new ad centered around the “Traveling Tree Woman” — a tree woman who has left her roots in order to travel.

The ad, which is for the flight alerts company Next Vacay, highlights how the Talking Tree Woman can find ways to travel even with her deep roots. The point of the ad is to show how Next Vacay can keep travelers moving.

Why it matters: The ad drops as the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the travel industry, creating cancellations and delays. People have also been less eager to travel.

What they’re saying: “Americans are ready and eager to get back out there and see the world again, and we tried to capture that feeling of excitement in this ad. Next Vacay has amazing technology that makes booking flights much more affordable and accessible,” said Daniel Harmon, chief creative officer at Harmon Brothers.

Be smart: The ad features people sitting on airplanes without masks, which isn’t what’s happening in real life.

Also: Delta Air Lines said the surge of the new omicron variant will lead to a first-quarter loss for the company as people delay their travel plans, CNBC reports.