Tim Allen is putting on the big red coat again

The news: Disney+ announced Friday that Allen will executive produce a new Disney+ original series called ... “The Santa Clause”

  • This is a working title.
  • Allen will reprise the role of Scott Calvin from Walt Disney Pictures’ blockbuster franchise, “The Santa Clause.”

Details: The new “Santa Clause” series will center around Calvin close to his 65th birthday. He will realize “he can’t be Santa forever,” Disney+ said in a release.

  • “He’s starting to lose a step in his Santa duties, and more importantly, he’s got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, especially his two kids who have grown up at the North Pole.
  • “With a lot of elves, children, and family to please, Scott sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the pole.”

The bigger picture: “The Santa Clause” has become one of the most iconic holiday films, even though it debuted more than 20 years ago. Its two sequels have become holiday staples, too. A new Disney+ series will follow in the footsteps of “Home Alone,” which had a new original film this past Christmas season with “Home Sweet Home Alone.”

Next up: Production for the new series is set to begin in Los Angeles in March.