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How many active devices does Apple have now?

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, talked about Apple’s growth in an earnings call with investors

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In this Saturday, March 14, 2020, photo, an Apple logo adorns the facade of the downtown Brooklyn Apple store in New York. Apple shook off supply shortages that have curtailed production of iPhones and other popular devices to deliver its most profitable holiday season yet. The results announced Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022, for the final three months of 2021 help illustrate why Apple is looking even stronger at the tail end of the pandemic than when the crisis began two years ago.

Kathy Willens, Associated Press

Apple has had incredible growth, especially because of the boom during the holiday season of 2021 where the company sold an additional 150 million devices, per The Verge.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during a recent earnings call with investors that the company now has 1.8 billion active devices, up from the 1.65 billion Apple reported last year.

  • “Today we are proud to announce Apple’s biggest quarter ever,” said Cook, adding that its revenue is up by 11% from last year, much more than the company was expecting, according to iMore, a publication dedicated to Apple products.
  • “We set all-time records for both developed and emerging markets and saw revenue growth across all of our product categories except for iPad, which we said would be supply-constrained,” said Cook.
  • “What we expect for the March quarter is solid year-over-year revenue growth,” Cook said. “And we expect supply constraints in the March quarter to be less than they were in the December quarter.”
  • He also hinted at Apple’s plans to invest in the metaverse.

How much money did Apple make this quarter?

The company made $123.9 billion in revenue and $34.6 billion in profits, making it a record-breaking quarter, according to Apple’s first-quarter results.

  • The holiday sales accounted for $71.63 billion in revenue alone.
  • Per Business Insider, the Apple stock rose 3% in early trading on Friday.