Witnesses continue to testify Friday in the trial for the Wisconsin man accused of driving an SUV into a parade, killing six and injuring over 60 parade-goers last year. Several interruptions have forced the court to draw out the trial, but evidence continues to pile against the defendant.

The defendant, 40-year-old Darrell Brooks, faces six counts of first-degree intentional homicide, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety and other charges, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He has chosen to represent himself in court and has created several disruptions throughout the course of the trial. The Waukesha Freeman reports the defendant went as far as to stop the trial with a 50-minute rant against Judge Jennifer Dorow’s handling of the case on Thursday.

FOX6 reports that after an immediate interruption from the defendant — debating the fairness of the trial with Judge Dorow once more — witness police officers were able to begin their testimonies. Craig Liermann, assistant chief of the Franklin Police Department, testified that he saw the red SUV speed past him and his family as they were viewing the parade. He claimed that the vehicle came within 10 feet of his family and he got a look at the driver as he stuck his head out the window after driving past.

Liermann testified that the driver then steered the SUV into the Catholic Community of Waukesha’s parade group, in an act that he claimed was purposeful.

“There was no panic, no distress. It seemed to me like he was excited about what he was doing,” Liermann said. 

The second witness on Friday was Officer Ralph Salyers of the Wauwatosa Police Department. There with his family, Salyers was leaving the parade when a damaged, red SUV stopped South of the parade.

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The driver exited the vehicle, observed its damage and fled the scene. Salyers was within 50 feet of the driver and identified them as the defendant, though he admitted during cross-examination that he hadn’t been certain of the driver’s race, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

After another break, Waukesha police officer Bryce Scholten testified that he was working on the parade route when he was called over his radio to a domestic disturbance east of the parade. FOX6 reported that after discerning that the call was claiming someone had been hit, Scholten testified he left his post and entered the parade route. A damaged, red SUV came flying down the street and Scholten fired his weapon at the driver.

“There was extreme damage to the vehicle at that point. Damage you’d see in a traffic crash between two vehicles,” said Scholten. “At that point, between all the screaming I heard, everyone calling for ambulances and help, I knew now people had been hit by a vehicle. At that point, I thought it was a terror attack at the parade.”

Additional witnesses were brought to the stand, including Waukesha police officer Christopher Moss and Carlos Arechiga Nolasco, a resident on the street where the SUV parked. After investigating the scene, Moss found papers in the car indicating it belonged to the defendant’s mother and confirmed the car was registered under her name by running the plate number. Nolasco both testified and presented surveillance footage of the driver fleeing from the damaged SUV that was parked in his driveway, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.