Last Sunday, in his 2022 debut, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson made headlines when he caught a touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then hit the Griddy in celebration.

On Tuesday, Wilson sought the opinion of a Griddy original concerning his moves.

In an Instagram post, Wilson posted a video of his celebration along with a video of Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson doing the same dance after he scored a touchdown and asked in the caption, “Hey Justin, what would you rate my Griddy?”

Who invented the Griddy?

Wilson clearly meant serious business in seeking Jefferson’s thoughts on the matter, as Jefferson has been credited with being the first player to bust out the dance in the NFL in 2020, well before it became popular in mainstream culture.

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Zach Wilson led a comeback in his season debut. He also did the Griddy

According to a story from The Sporting News’ Joe Rivera in September, the Griddy was created by someone named Allen Davis in Louisiana, and he shared it with Ja’Marr Chase, who played college ball at LSU.

Chase then shared the dance with his LSU teammates, including Jefferson, who did it for the first time after scoring a touchdown in 2019.

How did Justin Jefferson rate Zach Wilson’s Griddy?

Jefferson was then responsible for bringing the dance to the NFL in 2020, and it has become a popular way to celebrate scoring a touchdown.

In other words, Wilson taking his question of how his dance looked was asking the ultimate authority on the matter.

Jefferson gave his answer in a comment on Wilson’s post: “Not gonna lieee 😂😂 you was hitting it 🔥,” Jefferson wrote. “A good 9/10.”