Many Spotify users are sitting on the edge of their seats for Spotify Wrapped, to let them know what artists and songs they listened to the most in 2022. But when will Spotify release Wrapped?

Here’s what we know.

Is Spotify Wrapped 2022 out yet?

What date does Spotify Wrapped come out?

Spotify has not yet released a specific date but some, like iNews, believe it could be Dec. 1 or anytime after that.

The company revealed that another Spotify Wrapped would come to listeners by posting on their website, “Wrapped is coming.”

The Deseret News reported that in previous years, Spotify Wrapped usually comes out in early December.

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How does Spotify Wrapped work?

It analyzes what you’ve listened to in the past year and compiles a listener’s top artists, songs, podcasts and albums, according to Billboard.

Spotify wrote in its announcement, “Wrapped is a deep dive into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022. Keep listening to what you love, and we’ll shout when it’s ready.”

Vox reported that Spotify Wrapped’s popularity stemmed from the music platform’s listener tracking algorithm.

Spotify user, Kiana McBride, told Vox, “My Discover Weekly is often fire. Spotify has such good data analytics, it can tell me what music I’m likely to enjoy.”

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How long does it take for Spotify to wrap?

The Deseret News reported that Spotify Wrapped takes the songs you have listened to from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31 and factors those into the algorithm that compiles the top artists, songs and albums lists.

When Spotify releases their users’ Wrapped, it will appear in their mobile app or on their desktop and will allow them to click on the notification through the homepage. HITC reported that if a user can’t see it right when it’s released, just close and reopen the app and it should appear.