The Grantsville High School girls’ wrestling team proved itself Thursday night in Richfield by earning the first place trophy in the 1A/2A/3A state tournament. 

Grantsville tallied 167 points, beating out second place Juab with 147. 

“I am thrilled with our girls,” coach Matthew Meacham said. “We have girls who are also cheerleaders and volleyball players who have really worked hard to get here.”

Meacham was named as the outstanding coach of the tournament in his first year at the head of the Grantsville program. He had the challenge of trying to keep a program in its infancy building momentum. 

“We did everything together as a team with the boys,” Meacham said. “The boys’ team has been amazing and without that support it never would have happened.”

In all, Grantsville had five female wrestlers make it to Thursday’s finals, with three of them winning. 

Grantsville senior Hannah Broderick (170) won her second state championship, pinning Union’s Adriana Duncan in the first round. 

“This has been absolutely incredible,” Hannah said. “Being with my sister this season, we’ve grown so close it’s been a blessing.”

“I feel like we’ve built a legacy, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it next year after I graduate,” Hannah said. “Wrestling pushes me to be a better human being.”

Hannah’s younger sister, Hailey, joined the team midseason and also picked up a state championship medal in the 155-pound division. 

“She pushes me and wants me to be better,” Hailey said. “She’s been my role model through all of this.”

Hailey was able to defeat North Sevier’s McKenzie Brown in a hotly contested 6-4 decision.

“I’m just proud of everybody and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve had along the way,” Hailey said. “Everyone has just been amazing in helping lift each other up. It’s a great environment.”

Junior Brielle Fawson (125) also credits her start on the team to Hannah.

“I just started in December,” Fawson said. “It means a lot to be here.”

Fawson had to wrestle against teammate Vanessa Elexpuru in the finals. 

“It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but we’re still good friends,” Fawson said. 

“I like how wrestling pushes me to be my best in a different way than cheer or softball ever has. It’s physically challenging and I like the payoff I get from it.”

Having a group of great girls who work hard was the key to winning the championship this year, according to coach Meacham. 

“I told our girls winning an individual title is great, but if we win a team one you’ll remember it for a long time,” Meacham said. “They deserve all the credit because they’ve worked so hard.”

Meacham, who is in his first year of coaching the girls, was named as the outstanding coach of the tournament. 

“It’s been extremely positive,” Meacham said. He said the administration, students and community of all of Tooele County have embraced the girls’ wrestling program, which is in its second year. 

“For whatever reason it’s really just really taken off in our county,” Meacham said. “It’s allowed some girls who may not have fit the mold of some other sports and may not have had a chance otherwise to come out here and excel.”

3A/2A/1A girls state tournament


Team scores

  1. Grantsville, 165
  2. Juab, 153
  3. ALA, 147
  4. Union, 125.5
  5. North Sanpete, 125
  6. Rich, 118
  7. Enterprise, 109
  8. Canyon, 89

Individual results

100 pounds

1. Tenley Jones, Morgan

2. Breann Ivie, Duchesne

3. Aspen Nielson, Juab

4. Emily Shoemaker, Juab

5. Rhylee Clark, Grantsville

6. Aubrie Stiglich, North Sanpete

Championship — Tenley Jones, Morgan def. Breann Ivie, Duchesne, Fall 1:58

105 pounds

1. Jaskin Hair, ALA

2. Whitley Kinross, North Sanpete

3. Elizabeth Cox, Enterprise

4. Aliyah Zedicher, Manti

5. Isabella Holthaus, Juab

6. Sade Petersen, Manti

Championship — Jaskin Hair, ALA def. Whitley Kinross, North Sanpete, Fall 3:23

110 pounds

1. Rachel Camacho, ALA

2. Josephine Kay, Juab

3. Brighton Summers, Ogden

4. Danya Craner, Grantsville

5. Alexie Weimer, Duchesne

6. Madison Montoya, Union

Championship — Rachel Camacho, ALA def. Josephine Kay, Juab, Fall 4:25

115 pounds

1. Yvette Vargas, Juan Diego

2. Alexandria Ramirez, Enterprise

3. Kristie Jensen, Canyon View

4. Journey Toomey, North Sanpete

5. Ali Hatch, Manti

6. Albane Segonds, Duchesne

Championship — Yvette Vargas, Juan Diego def. Alexandria Ramirez, Enterprise, Fall 0:40

120 pounds

1. Grace Holman, Juab

2. Alyssa Lujan, Providence Hall

3. Michaela Rember, Canyon View

4. Josie Prevedel, Union

5. Reagan Pitt, Grantsville

6. Mylie Shaw, North Sevier

Championship — Grace Holman, Juab def. Alyssa Lujan, Providence Hall, Fall 3:08

125 pounds

1. Brielle Fawson, Grantsville

2. Vanessa Elexpuru, Grantsville

3. Lorie Wardell, Morgan

4. Samantha Reynolds, Juab

5. Quinci Siddoway, Rich

6. Ximena Torales-Quintana, Juan Diego

Championship — Brielle Fawson, Grantsville def. Vanessa Elexpuru, Grantsville, 11-8

130 pounds

1. Corrie Williams, Enterprise

2. Nya Jolley, Rich

3. Mailee Curtis, Juab

4. Gracie Horrocks, Union

5. Addison Johnson, Juab

6. Annika Moffitt, North Sanpete

Championship — Corrie Williams, Enterprise def. Nya Jolley, Rich, 10-4

135 pounds

1. Charlise Matsuda, Summit Academy

2. Bret Weston, Rich

3. Willow Stewart, North Sanpete

4. Davari Riquelme, Enterprise

5. Hadlei Weaver, Juab

6. Bailee Thompson, Union

Championship — Charlise Matsuda, Summit Academy def. Bret Weston, Rich, Fall 4:00

140 pounds

1. Olivia Carrillo, ALA

2. Kaizley Clark, Grantsville

3. Annie Peart, Rich

4. Mika Andersen, Rich

5. Tiphanie Marty, North Sevier

6. Kinley Christansen, Juab

Championship — Olivia Carrillo, ALA def. Kaizley Clark, Grantsville, Fall 2:18

145 pounds

1. Jazlyn Chandler, Rich

2. Jayden Morley, ALA

3. Belen Wright, North Sanpete

4. Sadie Roberts, Manti

5. Kyra DeFino, Juab

6. Addi Carrillo, Rich

Championship — Jazlyn Chandler, Rich def. Jayden Morley, ALA, Fall 1:25

155 pounds

1. Hailey Broderick, Grantsville

2. McKenzie Brown, North Sevier

3. Darcey Wallen, Union

4. Shea Rawlinson, North Sanpete

5. Hilary Rex, Rich

6. Nina Hillier, Rich

Championship — Hailey Broderick, Grantsville 14-4, So. over McKenzie Brown, North Sevier, 6-4

170 pounds

1. Hannah Broderick, Grantsville

2. Adriana Duncan, Union

3. Natalia Burton, ALA

4. Josalyn Quisenberry, LCA

5. Elisa Pasimeni, Ogden

6. Dahlia Perry, Union

Championship — Hannah Broderick, Grantsville def. Adriana Duncan, Union, Fall 1:12

190 pounds

1. Tilisa Matakaiongo, Canyon View

2. Jocelyn Helper, ALA

3. Kenya Torres, Enterprise

4. Jasmine Brown, Union

5. Hailey Butts, Juab

6. Adriana Sierra, Canyon View

Championship — Tilisa Matakaiongo, Canyon View def. Jocelyn Helper, ALA, Fall 1:45

235 pounds

1. Tomi Rogers, Ogden

2. Oakley Snow, Union

3. Maitae Cardenas, Canyon View

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4. Grace Roper, Grantsville

5. Danelynn Castro, Manti

6. Hannah Perry, North Sanpete

Championship — Tomi Rogers, Ogden def. Oakley Snow, Union, Fall 1:15

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