The Juab High School wrestling team will have to find room in the school’s trophy case for the sixth year in a row as the Wasps captured the state 3A title.

“The kids have done well,” said coach Joel Holman, who is in his eighth year at the helm of the Juab program. He was also named as the outstanding coach of the year in 3A. 

Juab racked up 307.5 team points, well ahead of second place Morgan with 213.5.

“It just takes time,” Holman said. “Time by the kids and by my assistants, every day they dedicate to it. Also, it’s important to have buy-in by the community.” 

Holman said the fan support has helped perpetuate success for the team, and vice versa. 

The finals of the tournament saw 10 Wasps in the championship rounds, but things started off rough as North Sanpete’s Cody Dyches (106) pulled out a 4-3 decision over Juab’s Rowdey Peterson. 

Richfield’s Dayson Torgerson (120) got the first pin of the finals over Juab’s Dax Johnson. Will Korth of Morgan (126) also won by fall over Juab’s Kaden Ercanbrach, followed later by a win by ALA’s Lukus Carrillo (138) over Juab’s Hayden Park.

That’s when Channing Warner (144) turned things around in the finals by earning an 18-9 decision over Ben Smith of South Summit. 

“It’s been a hard day, we had 10 in the finals and to go 0-4 is really hard,” Warner said. “It was something I had to go out there and flip the script. I wanted to start a fire.”

Warner’s win capped his senior year with his fourth individual state title. He was also named the outstanding wrestler of the tournament in the lower weight divisions. 

“I just had the best coaches, the best teammates and the best parents in the world,” Warner said. “My teammate lost his state final, but he’s right there waiting to hug me. That’s the thing that is so awesome about our program.”

Delta’s Joshua Jackson (150) was named outstanding wrestler of the upper weight divisions after a sudden victory battle against Morgan’s Jarron Campbell. 

Juab’s Chase Ingram (157) pinned Kelan Layton in the second round, delivering the Wasps’ second individual gold medal of the night. It was Ingram’s third state title. 

“I just had to do what I had to do to get it done,” Ingram said, “I have to hand it to Kelan, he is a good wrestler. … No one sees all the hard work that goes into this.”

Junior Will Harman (175) also delivered his third consecutive individual title to Juab as he was able to beat Grantsville’s Grant Rounds by pin in the second round.

“I wish I could have got him in the first, but he got by that,” Harman said. “We take what we can get and move on.”

For coach Holman the night was extra special as not only did his team earn the first place trophy, but he was able to step away for a few minutes and watch his daughter, Grace Holman (120), win an individual title in the girls’ division.

3A boys state tournament


Team scores

1. Juab, 307.5

2. Morgan, 213.5

3. South Summit, 189

4. Emery, 160

5. Canyon View, 123.5

6. ALA, 93

7. Delta, 80

7. Richfield, 80

Individual results

106 pounds

1. Cody Dyches, North Sanpete

2. Rowdey Peterson, Juab

3. Monty Christiansen, Emery

4. Ryler Jorgensen, Morgan

5. Taelyr Gray, Delta

6. Robert Meinhardt, Delta

Championship — Cody Dyches, North Sanpete def. Rowdey Peterson, Juab, 4-3

113 pounds

1. Drew Korth, Morgan

2. Andrew Fox, ALA

3. Kole Johnson, Grantsville

4. Logan Eagar, Providence Hall

5. Garrett Perry, Juab

6. Nathan Dax Nicoll, Canyon View

Championship — Drew Korth, Morgan def. Andrew Fox, ALA, 12-4

120 pounds

1. Dayson Torgerson, Richfield

2. Dax Johnson, Juab

3. Kendal Rasmussen, ALA

4. Merritt Meccariello, Emery

5. Braden Pulver, South Summit

6. Deegan Davies, Canyon View

Championship — Dayson Torgerson, Richfield def. Dax Johnson, Juab, Fall 5:11

126 pounds

1. Will Korth, Morgan

2. Kaden Ercanbrack, Juab

3. Kasey Curtis, North Sanpete

4. Traeton Rasmussen, ALA

5. Porter Anderson, Juab

6. Brandon Mora, South Summit

Championship — Will Korth, Morgan def. Kaden Ercanbrack, Juab, Fall 1:19

132 pounds

1. Byron Christiansen, Emery

2. Blake Woolsey, Morgan

3. Cooper Blackett, Juab

4. Jake Olsen, Canyon View

5. Gabe Perry, Juab

6. Jayson Rodriguez, South Summit

Championship — Byron Christiansen, Emery def. Blake Woolsey, Morgan, 3-2

138 pounds

1. Lukus Carrillo, ALA

2. Hayden Park, Juab

3. Taigon Bushell, South Summit

4. Lakoda Wieczorek, Canyon View

5. Preston Aagard, Juab

6. Jory Jenkins, Union

Championship — Lukus Carrillo, ALA def. Hayden Park, Juab, Fall 2:37

144 pounds

1. Channing Warner, Juab

2. Ben Smith, South Summit

3. Zak Sargent, Morgan

4. Grant Nelson, Summit Academy

5. Rylan Crowther, Morgan

6. Benedict Holthaus, Juab

Championship — Channing Warner, Juab def. Ben Smith, South Summit, 18-9

150 pounds

1. Joshua Jackson, Delta

2. Jarron Campbell, Morgan

3. Juan Ramirez, South Summit

4. Dakota Lynn, Juab

5. Henry Pulica, Canyon View

6. Cache Nicolson, North Sanpete

Championship — Joshua Jackson, Delta def. Jarron Campbell, Morgan, 5-3

157 pounds

1. Chase Ingram, Juab

2. Kelan Layton, Manti

3. Tyler Stilson, Emery

4. Hesston Gleave, Richfield

5. Cooper Shaheen, Juab

6. Ryker Woodward, South Summit

Championship — Chase Ingram, Juab def. Kelan Layton, Manti, Fall 3:02

165 pounds

1. Riggin Boger, South Summit

2. Taylor Newton, Juab

3. Jarrett Johnson, Canyon View

4. Grant Weiss, Providence Hall

5. Ethan Rainer, Grantsville

6. Conner White, Juab

Championship — Riggin Boger, South Summit def. Taylor Newton, Juab, 13-3

175 pounds

1. Will Harmon, Juab

2. Grant Rounds, Grantsville

3. Braxten Shobe, Ogden

4. Levi Dansie, Juab

5. Nathan Sorenson, Richfield

6. Oscar Dominguez, South Summit

Championship — Will Harmon, Juab def. Grant Rounds, Grantsville, Fall 3:52

190 pounds

1. Hayes Dalton, Emery

2. Logan Holdaway, Juab

3. Dallin Sweat, Manti

4. Ryker Adams, Morgan

5. Noah Mann, Ben Lomond

6. Joey Scorsone, Grantsville

Championship — Hayes Dalton, Emery def. Logan Holdaway, Juab, 8-2

215 pounds

1. Rylee Creasey, Morgan

2. Maddex Christman, Emery

3. Marc Richardson, Canyon View

4. Briggs Ludlow, Juab

5. Aiden Seely, Juab

6. Larsen Dixon, Summit Academy

Championship — Rylee Creasey, Morgan def. Maddex Christman, Emery, 9-7

285 pounds

1. Max Whitmore, South Summit

2. Jaxton Adams, Juab

3. Cole Keele, Morgan

4. Luarenz Davis, Ben Lomond

5. Angel Ramirez, Delta

6. Ty Blackburn, Juab

Championship — Max Whitmore, South Summit def. Jaxton Adams, Juab, Fall 4:12