Mountain Crest’s boys and girls wrestling teams enjoyed a great opening day of the 4A state tournament at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield on Friday.

The boys team opened up a 21.5 lead over Bear River as it advanced nine wrestlers into Saturday’s semifinals, which begin at 4 p.m.

Mountain Crest leads Bear River 156 to 135.5. Mountain Crest last won a state title in 2000. Uintah won last year’s state title, but realignment bumped the Utes up to 5A.

Three champions from last year advanced to the semifinals in their bid to repeat, Mountain Crest’s Easton Evans (120), Ridgeline’s Ronan Melani (190) and Desert Hills’ Dawson Bundy (285).

On the girls side, Mountain Crest won the inaugural 4A girls state championship last year, and it appears well on its way to capturing a repeat title.

The Mustangs lead region foe Bear River 189 to 134 after Friday’s opening rounds. They advanced 22 wrestlers into Saturday’s semifinals, while Bear River advanced 16 wrestlers into the semifinals.

Three girls champions from a year go are wrestling in the semifinals, Cedar City’s Ayelen Grilli (130), Mountain Crest’s Ella Dekorver (135) and Mountain Crest’s Brynlie Hansen (170).

4A boys state tournament

Day 1


Team scores

  1. Mountain Crest, 156
  2. Bear River, 135.5
  3. Snow Canyon,133
  4. Ridgeline, 111
  5. Hurricane, 87.5
  6. Pine View, 77
  7. Green Canyon, 68
  8. Desert Hills, 57

Saturday’s semifinals


  • Asher Farr, Snow Canyon vs. Parker Revis, Hurricane
  • Daxton Bingham, Bear River vs. Zach Halligan, Mountain Crest


  • Carter Nelson, Mountain Crest vs. Max Miller, Bear River
  • Kayden Ward, Bear River vs. Kaden Guymon, Snow Canyon


  • Easton Evans, Mountain Crest vs. Payton Marx, Pine View
  • Jaren Marx, Pine View vs. Edgar Renteria, Snow Canyon


  • Luke Schroeder, Mountain Crest vs. Ty Hawkes, Bear River
  • Seth Armstrong, Hurricane vs. Kayden Madsen, Crimson Cliffs


  • Nathaniel Fordham, Desert Hills vs. Ben Jackman, Hurricane
  • Cooper Redd, Logan vs. Lincoln Lofthouse, Mountain Crest


  • Caleb Bundy, Pine View vs. Mikah Murphy, Hurricane
  • Ty Winward, Ridgeline vs. Kade Croft, Sky View


  • Terrell Lee, Mountain Crest vs. Cooper Anderson, Cedar City
  • Zach Gunderson, Bear River vs. Brenden Smith, Snow Canyon


  • Jace McBride, Mountain Crest vs. Dustin Douglas, Bear River
  • Tristyn Dennett, Hurricane vs. Brayden Jones, Snow Canyon


  • Keagan Boyce, Desert Hills vs. Sam Pirtle, Ridgeline
  • Tegun Cu Whitehead, Snow Canyon vs. Nic Baum, Crimson Cliffs


  • Rockwell Jones, Snow Canyon vs. Teddy Larson, Pine View
  • Owen Munk, Ridgeline vs. Dontay McMurtrey, Mountain Crest


  • Brock Guthrie, Mountain Crest vs. Cash Carlisle, Dixie
  • River Smith, Bear River vs. Phoenix Oliver, Snow Canyon


  • Eldon Milton, Crimson Cliffs vs. Kaeson Burn, Bear River
  • Ronan Melani, Ridgeline vs. Luke Blake, Green Canyon


  • Will Wheatley, Green Canyon vs. Beau Miller, Snow Canyon
  • Brayden Barlow, Pine View vs. Vincent Threlfall, Snow Canyon


  • Dawson Bundy, Desert Hills vs. Payton Calico, Pine View
  • Kenneth Ericksen, Dixie vs. Tag Gubler, Snow Canyon

4A Girls State Tournament

Day 1


Team scores

  1. Mountain Crest, 189
  2. Bear River, 134
  3. Ridgeline, 57
  4. Pine View, 36
  5. Crimson Cliffs, 23
  6. Sky View, 20
  7. Green Canyon, 14
  8. Dixie, 12

Saturday’s semifinals


  • Onnika Christensen, Green Canyon vs. Nyah Weatherstone, Ridgeline
  • Sadie Hardy, Bear River vs. Shelby Bevan, Mountain Crest


  • Matte Turnbow, Mountain Crest (bye)
  • Skylynn Thompsen, Bear River vs. Audrey Rollins, Mountain Crest


  • Brinley Cowley, Mountain Crest vs. Kate Bunce, Bear River
  • Megan Robinson, Cedar City vs. Jacie Shock, Mountain Crest


  • Anja Hansen, Crimson Cliffs vs. Samara Ward, Bear River
  • Bella Gunderson, Bear River vs. Rylee Turnbow, Mountain Crest


  • Emma Child, Mountain Crest vs. Sophia Miller, Bear River
  • Tassie Hatch, Bear River vs. Piper Nix, Mountain Crest


  • Eastyn Nyman, Mountain Crest vs. Avery Cazzell, Bear River
  • Emi Stahl, Ridgeline vs. Kaitlin Lofthouse, Mountain Crest


  • Lily Pomeroy, Pine View vs. Ayelen Grilli, Cedar City
  • Hailey Branch, Bear River vs. Kaydee Hopkins, Mountain Crest


  • Ella Dekorver, Mountain Crest vs. Emma Peterson, Bear River
  • Abigail Trayhorn, Sky View vs. Emma Meidell, Pine View


  • Laci Larsen, Mountain Crest vs. Brooklyn Mcbride, Ridgeline
  • Josie Redmen, Bear River vs. Mckelle Jeppson, Pine View


  • Emmalee White, Mountain Crest vs. Caroline Kirk, Ridgeline
  • Rhees Hatch, Bear River vs. Jenna Mcdougal, Mountain Crest


  • Gracie Howard, Mountain Crest vs. Georgina Decasas, Dixie
  • Megan Allred, Snow Canyon vs. Talia Johansen, Mountain Crest


  • Teagan Hall, Mountain Crest vs. Janet Reyes, Ridgeline
  • Haylee Farnsworth, Bear River vs. Brynlie Hansen, Mountain Crest


  • Katelyn Hardy, Mountain Crest vs. Sydnee Nielson, Bear River
  • Bretlee Potter, Bear River vs. Brooke Keller, Mountain Crest


  • Alexandr Vega, Mountain Crest vs. Marjorie Tauti, Sky View
  • Shanna Archuleta, Bear River (bye)