Amazon’s upcoming “Lord of the Rings” series, “The Rings of Power,” will be teen-friendly as it was made for all ages.

Driving the news: “The Rings of Power” showrunners Patrick McKay and JD Payne recently spoke with Vanity Fair about what viewers should expect from the show in terms of mature content.

  • The show will not feature “Game of Thrones”-like content, as it was made for all ages.

What they said: McKay told Vanity Fair the intention was “to make a show for everyone, for kids who are 11, 12, and 13, even though sometimes they might have to pull the blanket up over their eyes if it’s a little too scary.”

  • “We talked about the tone in Tolkien’s books,” he added. “This is material that is sometimes scary — and sometimes very intense, sometimes quite political, sometimes quite sophisticated — but it’s also heartwarming and life-affirming and optimistic. It’s about friendship and it’s about brotherhood and underdogs overcoming great darkness.”

The bigger picture: “The Rings of Power” is the latest fantasy-themed show to hit streaming services in recent years, following in the footsteps of “Game of Thrones,” “The Witcher” and “The Wheel of Time.”

  • “Game of Thrones” and “The Witcher” both featured overly mature content, including graphic violence, depictions of sex and mature themes.
  • “The Wheel of Time” series leaned a little less into the mature content space, though there was still small instances of violence, as I wrote in my review for the Deseret News.