“The Book of Boba Fett” debuted its latest episode Wednesday. You’ll want to avoid social media before you watch it.

Quick review: “The Book of Boba Fett” Episode 6 built off the success of Episode 5 by bringing us to new worlds and taking a sidestep away from Boba Fett. It was one of the best live-action “Star Wars” episodes to date — if not the best overall. It’s packed with nuggets of “Star Wars” information, cameos and surprises that will make you an instant fan of this show.

  • “The Book of Boba Fett” does not care about the normal television tropes. Instead of waiting months or weeks to reveal twists and spoilers, the show decided to pack them into an episode. Forget about waiting around to see what happens. Let’s show you right now.

The one troubling aspect — the story of Boba Fett takes a back seat. Boba Fett purists will be let down by this episode. But anyone who believes that books sometimes spend a few chapters on side quests and main characters will enjoy the story.

  • You could argue, though, that all the characters and storylines do connect to Boba Fett. All of the characters have had some connection to him throughout the “Star Wars” lore, so the show is doing a great job of telling his story.

Our thoughts: OK. I was going to review and recap this episode like normal. Instead, I decided to list a bunch of reactions to the episode that should help you grasp what you’re in for.

  1. Oh, wow. He’s back.
  2. That’s awesome.
  3. Wait, what’s in there?
  4. Oh, wow. He’s back!
  5. Wait, are we seeing this?
  6. Oh, I bet that’s ... yep, it is.
  7. Wait, is that ... yep, it is.
  8. OK, so we won’t see anything else here, right?
  9. Oh, we’re still here. Cool.
  10. Wait, WHAT?
  11. So if this is happening, does that mean that they’ve spoken before?
  12. There’s no way we’re actually going to see ...
  13. ... Oh. My. Lightsaber.
  14. Dank Farrik are you kidding me?
  15. How did Disney keep this a secret?
  16. How did this not get spoiled?
  17. How are they pulling this off?
  18. We’re getting more of this? Are you serious?! This is awesome.
  19. Now that’s a cool flashback.
  20. I need more! I need more details!
  21. OK. I am so glad I watched “Empire Strikes Back” this weekend.
  22. Ugh, break my heart.
  23. Ugh, tear out my soul.
  24. This is beautiful.
  25. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.
  26. Of course, this is how it’s going to go.
  27. Wait, did she seriously just say that?
  28. Can’t wait to watch “The Clone Wars” again.
  29. OK, OK, that was fun. Wonder when we’ll see it again.
  30. Oh, yeah, Boba Fett. Forgot about that situation.
  31. Him, again! Sweet!
  32. OK, this is super “Mandalorian” vibes.
  33. Wait, we’re not done with this town yet?
  34. Wait ... .
  35. It can’t be ... .
  36. You’re not fooling anyone.
  37. It is?!
  38. Can’t wait to watch “The Clone Wars” again.
  39. Oh, this episode is still going? Awesome.
  40. Ouf.
  41. That sucks.
  42. Him and him again?
  43. Wow, they really love us, don’t they?
  44. That looks cool.
  45. THAT looks even cooler.
  46. Break my heart.
  47. What a cliffhanger.
  48. Ah, so it was him the entire time! Awesome.