Gold medal-winning American ice skater Nathan Chen just got back to the United States following the Olympic Games in Beijing, where he was arguably the biggest star, and he is now in the midst of a major media tour.

One of those media appearances came Tuesday as he was a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

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Nathan Chen wins figure skating gold at 2022 Beijing Olympics

After the typical questions from Fallon such as how winning a gold medal feels and what going back to normal life is going to be like, the two got talking about ice skating, with Chen (his nickname is the “Quad King”) explaining how to do a quadruple jump.

Fallon then asked Chen if he’s able to do any jumps when he’s not on the ice, which naturally led to Chen demonstrating an axel on stage ... and trying to teach Fallon how to do one.

You can see what happened in the video below.

Of course, Chen has plenty of experience with jumps. Chen left Beijing with two medals, the individual gold and the silver in team figure skating, after landing five quadruple flip jumps, including a quad lutz — which is considered the most difficult jump in figure skating, as the Deseret News reported.