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2022 Sterling Scholars: Central Region

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Sterling Scholar Finalists are introduced at the Conference Center’s Little Theatre

The 2019 Sterling Scholar finalists are introduced during the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholar Awards ceremony at the Conference Center’s Little Theatre in Salt Lake City on Friday, March 15, 2019.

Steve Griffin, Deseret News

Here are the 2022 Deseret News and KSL Sterling Scholar semifinalists from the Central Region.

Delta High School


Back row left to right: Julia Moyano, Heather Turner, Kodi Strate, Emmie Willoughby, Braylie Thomas, Ginger Jasmin and Kate Williams. Front row left to right: Kezia Burrows, Cody Stephenson and Brandy Stratton.

Gunnison Valley High School


Back row left to right: Caleb Matthews, Sarah Liddiard, Mary Allred, AubryAnn Burrell and Tate Dunne. Front row left to right: Janie Anderson, Noelle Condie, Stockton Broderick, Carson Tucker, Bryant Shell, Chelsi Helms and Mattie Davis.

Juab High School


Left to right: Seini Tuiasoa, Sariah Shoemaker, Emily Harris, Jonathan Smith, Mason Clements, Daniel Henry, Jonah Settle, Kaleb Bunker, Jalal Khan, Jared Bradley, Cooper Shaheen, Tessa Astle, Tristan DeGrey, Thomas Gurr and Kynlee Sperry.

Manti High School


Back row left to right: Kaulin Nielsen, Sarah Everitt, Anneke Bahlmann, Andrew Lund, Nathan Allen, Dyson Winsor, EmiLee Taylor and Colby Christensen. Front row left to right: Mathew Olsen, Mikayla Cross, Katelyn Nordfelt, Kylee Hanks, Cali Alder, Kathrine Crouch and Kirsten DeSantis.

Millard High School


Back row from left to right: Karley Swallow, Speech/Drama; Lillie Reid, Dance; McKay Robison, Computer Technology; Jaden Owen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education; Jared Sylvester, General Scholarship; Carson Brunson, Business & Marketing; Aimee Thurman, Family & Consumer Sciences; Liv Seiler, Music; and Hannah Koyle, Social Science. Front row left to right: Lucy Freeman, Science; Kami Shumway, English; Mary Degraffenreid, Agriculture Science; Zach Rawlings, Mathematics; Kelley Dearden, Visual Arts; Yalzi Bastian, World Languages. 

North Sanpete High School


Back row left to right: Kasey Curtis, Jason Sanchez, Kylan Taylor, Simeon Kimball, Casey Mitchell, Carson Hadley and Bradley Power. Front row left to right: Marlee Crozier, Jordan Hilton, Emily Wheeler, Rachael Jones, Athena DeGroff, Julia Bailey and Paige Ison.

North Sevier High School


Back row left to right: McKenna Lewis, Family & Consumer Sciences; Tate Goble, Agricultural Science; Breken Mason, Mathematics; Guy Huntsman, General Scholarship; and Braige Marsh, Visual Arts. Front row left to right: Avery Smith, English; Isabel Hallows, Social Science; Lyndin LaOrange, Speech/Drama; McKenzie Brown, Computer Technology; and Hailey Peterson, Music. Not pictured: Migual Mayorga, Business & Marketing; Tayler Rasmussen, Skilled & Technical Sciences Education.

Piute High School


Left to right: Stormee Barnson, Ashton Winckel, Kalece Blood, Jack Snyder, Kassidy Westwood and Emma Jensen. Not pictured: Canyon Allan.

Richfield High School


Back row left to right: Thomas Reese, Benjamin Evensen, Isaak Ogden, Dorian Vande Sluis, Cannon Anderson and Alvin Gomez-Perez. Front row left to right: Macy Robsinon, Sierra Lani Gleave, Hannah Steele, Elena Torgerson, Zoe Parsons, Jessi Allred, Charlee Sorensen.

South Sevier High School


Left to right: Kylee Bassett, Business & Marketing; Autumn Bagley, Visual Art; Taeson Brady, Music; Gitanjili Begay, Family & Consumer Sciences; and Trinity Boweter, Science.