A New Mexico couple came home from a weekend away to find a burglar with an AR-15 in their home. But the burglar decided to leave and gave the couple money as an apology.

What happened: Per The Albuquerque Journal, the man slept, bathed and ate inside the home, which is located outside of Santa Fe.

  • He had an AR-15 rifle. He didn’t threaten the couple.
  • But he did give the couple $200 as reimbursement for the window that he broke in order to get into the home.

The story: The suspect reportedly told owners that he was on the run from someone after his family had been killed in Texas, according to The Guardian.

  • The family said that the suspect was “extremely embarrassed and apologetic about the situation.”

The bottom line: The burglar, identified as Teral Christesson, was arrested Monday in the same area as the incident.

  • “(Christesson) did confess to the detectives about the burglary at the home where he was found,” sheriff’s office spokesman Juan Rios said Tuesday, per The Albuquerque Journal.