Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your partner or friends how much you love them through romantic gestures or thoughtful gifts.

Mastering the art of gift-giving is hard. According to a WalletHub survey, Americans expect to spend $10.7 billion on jewelry, flowers and candy. But those items are only a few of the possibilities for what to buy your partner.

The coronavirus pandemic has put many under stressful situations the last few years, changing relationships and the expectations that come with the circumstance. In 2022, 58% of Americans value romantic gestures as more important to them now than they did before the pandemic, according to the survey.

If you’re in a stump about what to get your partner, here are gift recommendations for women and men.

For women

  1. Eternity preserved roses
  • What: Flowers that are perfectly preserved for a full year. That’s an entire 365 days of thoughtfulness, according to Good Housekeeping. Not only is this a unique gift but also a chic addition to your home.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $44.95.

2. Silk pajama set

  • What: Who doesn’t love silky PJs to wear to bed, the perfect outfit for a romantic movie marathon. These silk garments feel even better after a machine wash, bringing your partner pure comfort. The sets come in five different colors to choose from.
  • Where to buy: LUNYA.
  • How much: $198.

3. Voyager Bluetooth record player

What: This is the grown-up version of the mixtape, according to The Esquire. Pair it up with classic vinyl for the perfect present that doubles as home décor.

4. Soy candle making kit

What: If your significant other loves a fun DIY project then this candle-making kit might be a guaranteed win. It includes everything you need to make a candle from scratch like melting pots, wicks, fragrances and more.

Where to buy: Amazon.

How much: $42.

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5. ESPA restorative body oil

  • What: This is a luxurious skin oil that leaves the skin deeply nourished. The formula used the comforting aroma of rose geranium, sweet orange and lavender to restore balance and a sense of peace — the perfect thoughtful gift for your partner who may be into skincare.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $65.

For men

  1. Yeti cooler
  • What: Since this is a great time to splurge, why not spend the big bucks on a Yeti cooler that can fill up to 26 cans and three inches worth of ice, per Buzzfeed.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $299.

2. Pajama set

  • What: If his sleepwear could use an upgrade, consider this lightweight button-down pajama set. Choose from four different color options.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $34.
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3. No Bounds waterproof and dustproof speaker

  • What: These aux input speakers from House of Marley, founded by Bob Marley’s son, have impressive 10-hour battery life. Since the speaker is waterproof and dustproof, it can be a great companion for outdoor adventures.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $69.

4. Ergonomically designed knee chair

  • What: With COVID-19, kitchen tables and living rooms occasionally transform into offices which is why this kneeling chair is great to help you sit upright when using a desk.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $105.

5. TRUFF white truffle hot sauce

  • What: According to the Strategist, this is a highly rated white truffle and coriander-infused hot sauce that you can drizzle on practically anything.
  • Where to buy: Amazon.
  • How much: $32.