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Disney+ drops new ‘Ms. Marvel’ trailer and premiere date

‘Ms. Marvel’ will debut on Disney+ this summer

SHARE Disney+ drops new ‘Ms. Marvel’ trailer and premiere date
The first poster for ‘Ms. Marvel,’ a new Disney+ show.

Disney+ shared the first poster for ‘Ms. Marvel,’ will debut on Disney+ this summer


Disney+ released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming show “Ms. Marvel.”

What’s happening: The first trailer for “Ms. Marvel” shows young Kamala Khan, who is a superhero mega fan that dreams of becoming one herself. She doesn’t fit in at school, either, because of her adoration of Captain Marvel and the rest of the Avengers.

  • But then, somehow, Khan obtains powers and becomes a superhero herself. As Ms. Marvel, she becomes a superhero with electric and cosmic powers.

Worth noting: In the Marvel comics, Ms. Marvel has a different power set than what we see here. She can extend her arms and legs much like Mr. Fantastic, reshaping her entire body into tools she can use to fight. For example, she can extend her arm into a giant hammer-first to knock out an opponent.

  • There is a brief moment where you can see Ms. Marvel extend and retract her arm, a sign that those powers will be included in the new series.

What’s next: Disney+ announced “Ms. Marvel” will debut on June 8.