Visitors at Disney’s theme parks may notice a slight difference during their next trip.

Driving the news: Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware recently spoke of changes and the future of Disney.

“So we no longer say ‘ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,’” said Ware, per Fox News. “We’ve provided trainings for all of our our cast members and in relationship to that so now they know it’s, ‘Hello everyone’ or ‘Hello friends.’”

Details: Ware also said that Disney is in the process of changing all the recorded messages at its parks. The original phrase “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” changed to “dreamers of all ages” for announcements at the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in Florida last year, per Fox News.

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“We want to create that magical moment with our cast members, with our guests,” she said, per Newsweek. “And we don’t want to just assume because who someone might be in our interpretation, maybe presenting as female that they may not want to be ‘princess.’”

State of play: This news comes as the entertainment giant opposes Florida legislation that critics claim undermines LGBTQ rights.

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