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In the fourth quarter of the Utah Jazz’s overtime win over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Mike Conley stepped up to the foul line to shoot a technical free throw. If you blinked, you might have missed what happened next.

Rudy Gay kind of shoved Conley off the line and stepped in to take the shot himself.

Gay, who had missed six straight games due to injury and illness, had returned in the previous game against Phoenix, but he made justn 1 of his 5 shot attempts. He was still cold from the floor in Houston and wanted a change to see one go through the hoop.

“He walked up and said, ‘I need one,’” Conley said. “A guy needs an opportunity to see the ball go in when you’ve missed a few and need to get a rhythm.”

Conley happily obliged, but told Gay that if he didn’t make the technical shot, he’d hear about it later.

“I said, ‘I understand you, brother. Go ahead and do it,’” Conley said. “If he missed it, I was going to give him hell.”

Gay made the shot.

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That’s not something that happens all the time on an NBA court, but it’s also something that happens more often than you’d think. A technical free throw can be taken by any of the players on the floor so if someone is feeling like they just need to get a bucket, they’ll step up for it.

In a close game, as the game was in Houston, it’s less likely to happen, which is why Conley was so adamant that Gay make the shot. It’s also less likely that someone will get pushed off the free throw line seconds before they are going to shoot.

But, when you have a relationship that spans more than 15 years, as Conley and Gay do, it’s easier to understand and to make concessions for one another.

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