David Bennett, the first person in history to receive a pig heart transplant in January, has died two months after his surgery, on March 8.

The medical center that performed the initial transplant said the 57-year-old patient’s condition started deteriorating several days ago, and “it became clear that he would not recover.”

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Bennett’s son, David Bennett Jr., praised the hospital's efforts and hoped that the scientific research for organ transplants continues.

“We are grateful for every innovative moment, every crazy dream, every sleepless night that went into this historic effort,” he said, per ABC News. “We hope this story can be the beginning of hope and not the end.”

The Maryland hospital has been issuing consistent updates of Bennett’s recovery. Last month, the hospital released a video of him watching the Super Bowl from his hospital bed.

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“We are devastated by the loss of Mr. Bennett. He proved to be a brave and noble patient who fought all the way to the end. We extend our sincerest condolences to his family,” said Dr. Bartley P. Griffith, a surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center who transplanted the heart.

He is survived by his two sisters, two children, five grandchildren and his dog, Lucky.