Warner Bros. Discovery is seeking to make a massive overhaul with its DC Comics entertainment strategy, Variety reports.

The company is looking to make massive changes to its production business, including an overhaul of DC Entertainment characters and products, per Variety.

  • The company wants a Kevin Feige-like person who can keep track and run the creative and business side of the DC Universe.
  • DC currently “lacks a coherent creative and brand strategy,” which the company hopes to fix.
  • Warner Bros. wants to bring back characters like Superman, who need an update and rebrand.
  • The company wants more films like “Joker,” which capitalize on secondary characters.
  • There’s desire to align the film, streaming and gaming content together.

The bigger picture: The decision to rework DC Entertainment comes as two of the bigger entertainment properties — Warner Bros. and Discovery — merge into one brand, according to CNET.

  • In the immediate future, this could mean the streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ will be packaged together in bundles in much the same way Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ are bundled together, CNET reports.

Want more?: The Hollywood Reporter has a good behind-the-scenes feature piece about what’s happening in the companies right now.