Westminster College made headlines after one of its courses went viral on social media. The course, Film 3000: Porn, is being offered from May 9 to June 4.

Driving the news: In the school’s catalog, the course description said that the class was about “hardcore pornography,” which is “as American as apple pie and more popular than Sunday night football.”

  • “Our approach to this billion-dollar industry is as both a cultural phenomenon that reflects and reinforces sexual inequalities (but holds the potential to challenge sexual and gender norms) and as an art form that requires serious contemplation,” the description continues.
  • In the class, students “will watch pornographic films together and discuss the sexualization of race, class, and gender and as an experimental, radical art form.”

What they’re saying: When Fox 13 News reached out to the private, liberal arts college, a spokesperson said that while the course may seem alarming to some, students will learn about the impact of pornography.

  • “Westminster College occasionally offers elective courses like this as an opportunity to analyze social issues,” the statement read, per Fox 13.
  • “As part of this analysis, Westminster College and universities across the county often examine potentially offensive topics like pornography to further understand their pervasiveness and impact. Descriptions of these courses, while alarming to some readers, help students decide if they wish to engage in serious investigation of controversial subjects. This course will help students learn how to think critically about the influence of digital media culture.”