It has been a rather notable past couple of days as it relates to what the Utah Jazz’s upcoming rebrand could look like.

It all started on Thursday night after Game 3 of the Jazz’s playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks when Dallas-based radio host Craig Miller tweeted an image of three jerseys that are supposedly ones Utah will wear next season — a white and yellow one, a yellow and black one and a black and yellow one.

Images of the three jerseys had leaked in February, but it was unclear if the white one and yellow one were official or not.

While that question remains somewhat of a mystery, Jazz owner Ryan Smith added some intrigue to the rebrand discussion on Saturday after Game 4 of the playoff series.

Fans have felt rather confident that black, white and yellow will be the Jazz’s main colors when the rebrand is officially unveiled next season (Smith confirmed last fall that black and white would be), but on Saturday, Smith wrote on Twitter that a classic team color — purple — will be in the mix as well.

It’s black and white. Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith confirms rebrand is a thing

His comments came about as the Twitter account Jazz Uniform Tracker observed that Smith has been wearing purple at games more often.

A few hours later, Smith quote tweeted that tweet and wrote, “Purple is who we are... It’s here to stay.”

To be sure, it is unclear if purple will be a main color of the rebrand or just one that is featured on occasion.

Should purple become a main color, that would actually be a return to something that hasn’t been the case for many years, as Utah went toward more toward blue as a primary color in 2004 and then went all in on that in 2010.

Since then, the Jazz have worn two purple throwbacks for short stints — the purple and gold threads that were the team’s road jerseys from 1984-1996 and then the purple “mountain” jerseys the team wore on the road from 1996-2004.