General Motors and Honda are expanding their partnership, but this time it’s to create “a series of affordable electric vehicles,” with production of these vehicles beginning in 2027, per The Verge.

Details: The two automakers are also focused on developing new battery technology which may reduce costs, improve performance and increase sustainability, per Green Car Reports.

  • GM is working on exploring lithium, silicon and solid-state cells while Honda has established a production line for solid-state batteries in Japan, inching toward mass production.

What they’re saying: “GM and Honda will share our best technology, design and manufacturing strategies to deliver affordable and desirable EVs on a global scale, including our key markets in North America, South America and China,” GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra said, per CNBC News.

  • “This is a key step to deliver on our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in our global products and operations by 2040 and eliminate tailpipe emissions from light duty vehicles in the U.S. by 2035. By working together, we’ll put people all over the world into EVs faster than either company could achieve on its own,” said Mary.

The bigger picture: These new vehicles would start at $30,000, priced below the 2024 Chevy Equinox EV. Most EVs available in the market cost more than their gas-guzzling equivalents. Even though prices are dropping, supply chain issues have shot prices upward.

Flashback: This partnership first began in 2013, when Honda and GM collaborated on hydrogen fuel-cell tech. This led to more expansion of battery tech in 2018, with a promise to collaborate more on the next generation of batteries.