While searching through some old boxes at my apartment, I stumbled upon my old Samsung laptop, something I purchased in 2010 after my freshman year of college.

The laptop — mauve, chunky and a symbol of a bygone era of PCs — instantly stoked fond memories of my younger years. I remembered using the laptop on my first day at the Deseret News, churning out my first of more than 15,000 articles here.

Sadly, the keyboard was broken — it constantly types the letter “E” — and the mouse barely moved on the screen.

So I scrambled to find a keyboard and mouse — the Hyper-K gaming mouse from Dark Matter and Monoprice, as well as the Dark Matter’s Collider keyboard from Monoprice — to jump into the old computer. It was on that PC that I found a number of old books, novels and fantasy sports documents I had written more than a decade ago. It was a flashback to the past, and it wouldn’t have been possible without these two devices.

I wanted to share a quick review of each of these devices in case a new keyboard or mouse interests you, whether you’re a gamer or working from home.

Dark Matter’s Hyper-K Gaming Mouse

Price: $39.99

This is one of the most fun computer gaming mouses I’ve ever used. It’s light and thin, so it’s easy to move around on the screen. It also doesn’t feel like a chore to lift up the mouse. The constantly pulsating motion of the pink color gives it a futuristic vibe as well, making it too fun to use during your time on a computer.

Not to mention you feel a little festive when you’re using this mouse during a Zoom call. Though the mouse is billed as something for gamers, it can work well with any professional in their home office, as it allows for smooth transitions across the screen.

The mouse, though, is a little light for what it is. It moves a little too fast since it’s meant for gaming and not clicking through your Slack channels. So be mindful of that as you use it. You may find your mouse pointer flying across the screen even as you attempt to click a simple link.

Dark Matter’s Collider TKL Gaming Keyboard

Price: $99.99

One of the best parts of this keyboard is the keys. The keyboard comes with thick, clickable keys that remind me of my old 2004 Dell computer that I used in my high school days, evoking a flood of memories.

Like many modern gaming keyboards, the Collider has beautiful colors glowing around each of the keys, giving you an experience that resembles a futuristic laboratory. The keys work exceptionally well. Each click quickly adds a letter to the screen and you sound cool doing it.

While this is perfect for gaming since you can hit each key with authority, the keyboard worked for my professional career as well. I can’t tell you how fun it was typing furiously with the Collider, trying to get out my next article with the glowing colors around me.

That said, the keys are loud. So if you’re not a fan of hard keys or if your significant other can’t handle that sound, this might not be for you. The keyboard isn’t light, either, so moving it around can be a hassle. I noticed it would also shut down for brief moments before turning back on, which is a slight bug that can be difficult to handle at times.

Bottom line: If you’re a fan of gaming, these two devices are perfect for you. They offer sleek styles and simplicity that work well for the gaming adventures. If not, you can still use them for your business work and you’ll look super cool doing it. The keyboard’s price is a great deal since gaming keyboards can be overly expensive for the hardcore gamer. You might lose a little bit in terms of customizations for the keyboard’s lighting, but it still works well to make you feel like you’re having a fun experience. The mouse isn’t necessarily worth the price, though, since it offers little else than light movement and pink colors.